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How To Protect Your Memorial In Winter

A grave headstone, or memorial, can be damaged by the elements in the wintertime. Here’s what you can do to make sure that it looks just as good as it did on the day of the funeral.

How to take care of your memorial in the wintertime

Take a look at some of these tips for caring for your memorial in the winter:

  • Don’t affix a wire wreath. The metal that holds the wreath together can corrode, leading to damage to the headstone and staining that could be difficult to remove.

  • Use artificial flowers. There are all kinds of these on the market, made from ceramic, plastic and other weather-proof materials.

  • Remove bird droppings. Droppings are highly acidic and can damage and stain stone if left on the surface. Remove them where possible with a damp cloth

  • Remove dirt from the stone. Dirt can lead to abrasion and cracks forming in the memorial - something that can foster even greater damage in the future. Use a soft cloth and soapy water to remove any dirt from the stone gently, ensuring that you don’t scour the surface.

Problems To Look Out For In The Winter

Here are some problems that you might encounter in winter:

  • Cracking along the head of the memorial, or the base

  • Bird droppings on the stone that might cause discolouration and damage

  • Tilting stones that have been affected by the buildup of snow

  • Staining from metal wreaths

  • Scratches from animals

  • With a little care and attention, you can effectively care for your memorial in the winter.

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