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Headstone Guide | Best design ideas

Dealing with grief can be a difficult time for even the best of us. It is often made a lot harder because of the need to plan and prepare for the deceased’s funeral. Important decisions will need to be made to make sure that you give your loved one the kind of send-off that they would have wanted. Most people will leave some funeral details in their will, but one thing that some people forget to consider is the type of headstone that they would like.

If you are currently trying to find an appropriate headstone for someone who has just passed away, here are some of your best options.

Upright Headstones - These are, as the name suggests, headstones that stand upright. They are the most traditional and popular design.

Flat Headstones - These are laid into the ground and usually level with the surrounding grass. However, some can be slightly raised upwards to make them easier to read.

Once you have decided which type of headstone you would like, it’s time to choose the material.

Limestone - This is the cheapest option for headstones and you will be able to find it in white or grey. It can also be polished or left with its natural finish.

Marble - Marble is extremely durable and won’t suffer from too much weathering or erosion. However, this material might not be allowed in some churchyards.

Bronze - Another really resilient material, bronze headstones are starting to grow in popularity. It will be the most expensive material from this list.

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