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General Layout of a Funeral

What happens at a funeral? How is a funeral laid out? These are common questions that people have when a loved one passes away.

Because every person is different, so too is every funeral. However, there are general layout patterns which emerge regularly.

Musical Procession

The first part of the ceremony involves a musical procession. Mourners enter the venue and assemble while the music plays.

Introduction By The Person Leading The Ceremony

The priest, vicar or community leader will open with remarks about the person who has passed away and introduce the funeral service.

Singing Of Hymns / Listening To Music / Listening To Poetry

Most funerals involve some kind of artistic expression, often related to the person who has died. Mourners sing hymns, listen to music and read poetry in remembrance.

Readers And Speakers Honour The Person

The central part of the funeral happens when speakers, often friends and family members, speak about the life of the person who has passed away. This is an opportunity to extol their virtues, talk about their role in the community, and remember the important events in their life. There can be many speakers at a funeral.


Many funerals end with a blessing. This is an opportunity to remember that life goes on. There may also be a committal.

Closing Music

At the end of the funeral, closing music will play, and mourners will proceed out of the venue. If the venue is a church, mourners may go to the graveyard to watch the coffin being lowered into the ground.

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