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Colours and Flowers – What do they mean?

Ensuring that your loved ones grave looks the best all year round is a great way to remember them. Having flowers on a grave is something that many of us feel like we have to do. However, what we want to do more is to remember the good memories from a time when a loved one was with us. Choosing the right flowers make our time with them more special, as well as keeping the grave looking nice.

So, what do the colours of the flowers mean that we leave for loved ones? Take a look at our list of colours and flowers and see what suits. Flowers are very symbolic which is very important for when we remember loved ones.

Colours of Flowers


Red flowers can symbolise passionate love. In particular having a red rose left of a grave means that you passionately love that person. Having a Red Carnation means flashy. A red poppy symbolises consolation as well as remembering veterans.


Pink flowers can symbolise friendships, in particular a pink rose symbolises this. A pink carnation shows gratitude to the person that has passed away.


White flowers are a symbolisation of remembrance. Leaving white flowers on a person’s grave means that you are remembering them and the fun times that you have had together.

Final Words

When choosing flowers for a loved one’s grave, let your heart choose. Go with what your heart is telling you. Maybe there is a particular season that your loved one likes and a flower from that time remembers them most for example a daffodil in Spring. In most situations your heart will choose the best thing to do.

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