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Autumnal Funeral Flowers

If you are planning an Autumn funeral, you have a variety of choices to consider. This does include the flowers that will form the wreath. There are several different options as well as classic choices here.

Flower Types

There are a range of different flowers that can be used for funerals through the autumn season. This includes lilies, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers and even roses. Each option will bring shades of autumn to the reef. Be aware that more traditional flowers can also be used through Autumn as well. This will depend on the requests of family members.

Flower Colours

The typical colour of funeral flowers through the autumn season will usually be red, orange and yellow. However, there tend to also be pink pastel shades as well as dark green foliage. The benefit of lighter shades is that it helps the darker ones stand out more. This is also true for the dark green leaves. White arrangements or also popular regardless of the season.

Cost Of Autumnal Funeral Flowers

The cost of funeral flowers can differ substantially. On average, people will typically pay between £50 to £100 for funeral flowers. However, some people will opt to pay prices that range closer to £700. This depends on the size and the quality of the reef that you want.

We hope this helps ensure that you have the beautiful wreath you need for your Autumn funeral. Don’t forget that flowers can also be arranged in a variety of different styles beyond the typical wreath.

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